Smokehouse Sticks, Screens & Bacon combs

Smokehouse Screens

Item #4558
Manufacturer: Beacon
Model #30 X 37
Condition: used

(280) Smokehouse Screens, stainless steel construction, 30″ x 37″, 3/8″ diameter frame with (2) 3/8″ supports, 1/8″ wire vertical & horizontal, 1.5″ opening.

Smokehouse Screens

Item #4164
Manufacturer: Beacon
Model #4242
Condition: new

42″ X 42″ electro-polished stainless steel, 3/8″ dia. frame, two .125 supports one way on 1″ centers.

Stainless Steel Wire Screens

Item #3384
Model #Screen
Condition: new

Wire Mesh Screens: 42” X 42”, manufactured from T-304 electropolished stainless steel, designed and manufactures for all Smokehouse Trucks to meet your needs.

Smoke Sticks, Bell Shape

Item #3383
Condition: new

Smoke Sticks, 18 gauge stainless steel, bell-shaped, available in 42″ and 39.25″ long. NEW

Bacon Combs, 8 Prong

Item #3382
Manufacturer: 8-prong Bacon Hangers
Model #BH-400
Condition: new

Standard 8-prong Bacon Hangers BH-400, stainless steel, electropolished. NEW