Buying Used Food Processing Equipment: 5 Red Flags to Avoid

Buying Used Food Processing Equipment: 5 Red Flags to Avoid

Buying used food processing and packaging equipment can save you a lot of money, but it’s not without its risks. Buying a used machine that isn’t in good working order means you will have to put more money into the purchase to get it to function properly, and will also have to deal with production delays that could cost your business even more money.

That’s why, when looking for used food processing or packaging equipment, you should look out for these five red flags:

Does the seller have a good knowledge of the equipment?

Beware of sellers who don’t know the equipment they’re selling. Working with a seller like this is just asking to run into a problem-machine. It helps if the seller can offer some references of satisfied customers in their area to show you that they are reputable and can be trusted.

Is there a warranty?

If you’re buying a machine that is refurbished, there should be a warranty period supporting your investment.

Is there a return policy?

Beware of companies that do not offer machine support along with proper information about the machine. You need to know the condition, utilities, operation manuals, and floor space. Buying a machine without this pertinent information is buying blindly, and is never a good idea.

Will it pass HAACP and USDA inspection?

A machine may be functional, but may not meet your or a inspector’s criteria. Are safety devices installed and operating to manufacturer’s specifications? Has the hardware been replaced with new stainless steel? Have stress cracks been properly welded and polished? Are all chain and belt covers installed? If not, a poorly refurbished machine can interrupt production in many ways.

Is the machine supported, are manual & parts available?

This question will determine how easy it will be to find replacement parts and qualified repair technicians. If you’re not sure about a particular machine, get in touch with us. We have one of the industry’s largest collections of brochures and manuals dating back to the 1970’s. M&M Equipment Corp. is a useful resource to locate operation, spare parts, electric and pneumatic manuals.

It may be used but it’s new to you!