Cannabis Food Processing Equipment

Throughout the last 10 years, the United States has seen a surge in the legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis. As laws regarding cannabis have changed across the country, M&M Equipment Corp. has seen a heightened demand for industrial equipment for the production of cannabis-infused edibles such as cookies, brownies, cakes, chocolates and candies. With our background working within a variety of food industries, our team has extensive knowledge in selecting the right equipment for the needs for most Cannabis food-related production. Our team has worked with a number of newly organized food processors in Colorado, California, Oregon, and Nevada. We often specialize in the following types of equipment for the Cannabis industry.

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Continuous Vacuum Fillers

Over the last decade, we have seen a rise in the number of companies in the baking industry incorporate Vacuum Fillers/Stuffers to extrude and portion batter & dough. Vacuum stuffers are one of the most popular categories of machines at M&M Equipment Corp. and are versatile to produce a wide variety of pastries, cookies and brownies. We have advised many companies on purchasing the right vacuum stuffers for their application. Some of the most popular brands that M&M Equipment Corp. works with include Vemag, Handtmann, Risco & Frey Vacuum Stuffers. In some cases, you might see vacuum stuffers labeled as Vacuum Stuffers or Vacuum Extruders.

Commercial Mixers

The M&M Equipment Corp. team regularly rebuilds and re-manufactures industrial Mixers and Blenders for companies producing bakery products such as cookies, cakes, bagels, and bread. We have worked on many industrial mixers which are often used for mixing the dough at large capacities. Many industrial bakery operations rely on M&M Equipment Corp. to help increase product yield by upgrading to higher capacity mixers. Some of the most styles of mixer include tilting, removable bowl and stationary.


Commercial Ovens

Another popular category in the baking industry for M&M Equipment Corp. is commercial ovens. Many of the industrial ovens we offer are designed for high capacity cooking, roasting and baking.  At M&M Equipment Corp., we work with some of the most reliable manufacturers of industrial ovens such as Hobart, Revent, Hobart, Alkar and Enviro-Pak.


Vacuum Packaging Machines

Our Industrial Vacuum Packaging machines are not only applicable to food processing but also for hemp and cannabis processing. As cannabis operations are expanding, we have worked with a number of companies to help upgrade industrial packaging systems. By removing air particles, cannabis products can retain a longer shelf life and better preserve contents.