Cheese Processing Machines

For over 30 years M&M Equipment Corp. has been serving the cheese industry. Our team has an extensive background in establishing food processing efficiencies with regard to obtaining the right equipment for the needs of various clients in the cheese and dairy industry. We often specialize in the following types of cheese equipment:


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Cheese cutters and slicers

Industrial Cheese slicers, cubers and block cutters are another popular category within M&M Equipment Corp. We have advised hundreds of companies on purchasing the right cheese slicer for their food processing needs. Some of the most popular new & used manufacturing brands that M&M Equipment Corp. works with include Weber, Treif, Grote, Foodlogistik Slicer & Cubers, General Machinery Corp. and Johnson Shredders.


Cheese packaging machines

Companies trust M&M Equipment Corp. with their cheese packaging needs which is one of the most critical aspects of the cheese processing spectrum. We have worked with many clients from reducing 40 Lbs. cheese block to a retail package. Some of the common cheese packaging machines we offer include new & used Xtravac Vacuum Packaging Chamber Machines, Cryovac Rotary Chamber Machines and shrink Tunnels and Multivac Rollstock Machines.