The most essential piece of equipment in the food and manufacturing industries is the conveyor. Conveyors are automated tables that allow or facilitate the movement of food and other items across the different stages safely. The conveyors offer an automated solution for transporting the food throughout the kitchen while handling the item safely and hygienically. The conveyor belts and surfaces are smooth, and they can resist bacteria and staining.

Although there are many types of commercial conveyors employed in the food industry, the most common are roller conveyors, chain conveyors, belt conveyors, and screw conveyors. All of these types have their benefits and advantages to suit different applications in the commercial kitchen. These conveyors not only optimise an efficient workflow but also require minimal manual handling. Integrated with safety features and regular cleanliness, conveyors are essential kitchen equipment for organised operation and workflow. Suitable for production lines with limited space but with exceptional performance, M&M has optimised conveyors with extra details and specifications.