Cooler racks in the industrial food industry are made of stainless steel and are multi-usage storage equipment. Cooler racks are used to maximise the commercial storage capacity of walk-in coolers, refrigerators, or reach-in units. They provide multiple levels of shelves, allowing for better organisation and utilisation of available spaces in an industrial kitchen. The cooler racks are made to facilitate the proper airflow within the cooling unit, allowing the food items to maintain a consistent temperature and adequate air circulation.

The proper utilisation of cooler racks is designed for easy and accessible maintenance, preventing the accumulation of dirt, debris, and spills. Proper organisation and storage of food items contribute to food safety compliance. The cooler racks in commercial kitchens enhance organisation and operation efficiency in an optimised space by facilitating proper airflow. The inventory design and compliance with hygiene and cleanliness standards overall contribute to a well-organised industrial food space. Cooler racks of high standard and quality are available at the M&M inventory site.