What does it mean to operate as an industrial equipment supply company for the long term?


In our view, it has to do with valuing each relationship with the customer, and building and developing those over time. Instead of just trying to sell one piece of equipment, we are in the business of working closely with client companies and helping them to succeed in their goals and objectives over time, and that’s important. That makes the difference between a floor manager having a mish-mash of unrelated equipment cobbled together in an ad-hoc way, and a client having a very developed birds’ eye view of M2M and how the product architecture is built.


Types of Equipment


We work with companies that need vacuum packaging machines, forming machines, sorting machines and other types of industrial equipment to support good manufacturing and product processes. These are just some examples of the consulting and equipment that these firms need to really support daily operations.


One way we explain this is that our equipment helps you with what you do a lot of. Small batch processes usually don’t need these kinds of dedicated equipment. On the other hand, these machines help companies to ramp up and increase production in vital ways, to scale the business without reducing quality or sacrificing the integrity of their processes.


For example, our industrial grilling machines offer various kinds of searing and cooking in a consistent environment, for qualified results. Small batch systems would maybe just use an ordinary gas grill, but with our industrial format machines, companies can turn out a large number of discrete products with the same kinds of quality and some really good safeguards against scattershot results. Small batch production doesn’t have the same assurance, for example, that every single patty or formed piece of meat will be carefully seared to just the right top temp and surface effect every single time through having industrial controls in place. That’s the type of consistency and quality that we help customers achieve.


Equipment Choices


We offer various kinds of new, used and reconditioned industrial equipment. As mentioned, we treat each sale as an individual process, so we can help companies figure out what they need. Partner with a company that values the individual business operation and wants to help customize equipment to your process and floor plan. Build your M2M and production capabilities on solid ground.