Doleschal is a specialized equipment company that specializes in high-quality meat processing systems. Doleschal offers a comprehensive range of machinery and systems to facilitate efficient and precise meat processing operations, including slaughtering equipment, sausage production, cutting, deboning, trimming, smoking and cooking, as well as meat preparation for products such as hamburgers and nuggets.Doleschal’s slaughtering equipment is developed to suit the meat industry’s special criteria and regulations, assuring humane and sanitary killing operations. Their equipment integrates innovative technology and ergonomic design, allowing for fast and safe animal handling.

Doleschal offers a variety of technology for sausage production that aids in the preparation, mixing, filling and casing of sausages. These solutions are intended to boost productivity, increase consistency, and assure the highest possible product quality. Doleschal’s sausage production equipment is well-known for its accuracy, dependability, and simplicity of operation.