Pall Corporation is a globally recognized leader in filtration, separation, and purification technologies on a global scale. Pall Corporation has established itself as a reliable provider of innovative solutions for a variety of industries, including biopharmaceuticals, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, and aerospace, over the course of more than seven decades. Among Pall Corporation’s primary areas of expertise is filtration technology. They develop and manufacture an extensive portfolio of filtration products, including filters, membranes, and systems. These filtration solutions are designed to eliminate contaminants, particles, and impurities from a variety of fluids and gasses, assuring the highest levels of quality, purity, and safety in vital processes.


 Patty-O-Matic machines are designed to provide precise and consistent patty formation, assuring size, weight, and shape uniformity. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, their apparatus permits high-speed production without sacrificing precision or quality. Various varieties of ground meat can be processed by the machines, allowing for versatility in the production of patties.