Southern Pride BBQ Pits & Smokers is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality barbecue pits and smokers, specializing in supplying barbecue enthusiasts, restaurants, and hospitality businesses with professional-grade equipment. With a storied past and a reputation for excellence, Southern Pride is widely acknowledged as a market-leading barbecue brand.

The company offers a wide variety of barbecue pits and smokers that are tailored to meet the diverse requirements and preferences of its customers. Their equipment is crafted with precision and attention to detail, employing long-lasting materials and sophisticated technologies to ensure exceptional performance and longevity.


Southern Pride BBQ Pits & Smokers are recognised for their exceptional smoke and flavor infusion capabilities. Their equipment, which features sophisticated ventilation systems and temperature controls, allows for precise smoke regulation and uniform heat distribution. This produces barbecue that is tender, succulent, and flavorful, as is typical of authentic, slow-cooked, smoked meats.