Velati is an Italian company that specializes in the design, production, and sale of meat processing equipment and machinery. The company is now distributed in the United States through Handtmann. With a concentration on providing innovative and efficient solutions, Velati has established itself as a global partner of choice for meat processors.

Their product line consists of equipment for various phases of meat processing, including:

Grinding and Mixing: Velati offers a variety of meat-processing grinders and mixers that ensure a consistent and homogeneous product.

Emulsifiers: These machines are utilized to produce fine emulsions, such as those necessary for the production of sausages, hot dogs, and other processed meat products.

Filling and Stuffing: Velati offers a variety of filling devices and stuffers for various applications, including the portioning and stuffing of sausages, salami, and other meat products.

The company provides cooking and smoking apparatus, such as ovens and smokehouses, for preparing a variety of meat products.

Velati’s selection of slicers and dicers are intended for precise trimming of meat products to ensure uniform portion sizes and presentation.

Velati also offers packaging equipment for meat products, including vacuum packaging machines and tray sealers.