Wolf-tec is an organization that specializes in the design and production of food processing machinery and is owned as part of JBT Corporation. The company provides a variety of innovative solutions for the processing of livestock, poultry, seafood, and plant-based foods.

The product offerings of Wolf-tec include:

Injectors provide precise and effective infusions of marinades, brines, and other flavorings into meats and poultry. Tumblers are machines that use a tumbling motion to distribute marinades and seasonings uniformly throughout the product.  

Massagers – techniques for manipulating meat products to improve tenderness, texture, and flavor Presses are machines that utilize hydraulic pressure to form meat and poultry into uniform shapes and sizes. Conveyors are solutions for moving culinary products through the processing line in a safe and efficient manner. Marinating and seasoning systems include pumps, injectors, and containers for marinating and seasoning food items. Wolf-tec is widely recognized for its dedication to innovation, quality, and customer service. They have a team of specialists who collaborate closely with clients to design individualized processing solutions. Wolf-tec is part of JBT Corporation