Beef and Pork Further Processing Equipment

For over 30 years M&M Equipment Corp. has served the beef and pork industries. Our team has an extensive background in establishing food processing efficiencies with regard to obtaining the right equipment for the needs of various clients. Within the beef and pork industries, we specialize in the following types of equipment:


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Bowl Choppers/Cutters

These machines are commonly referred to “Bowl Choppers”, “Bowl Cutters” or “Silent Cutters”. Why such confusion – because they do it all. Our engineering team specializes in reconditioning capacities from 50 liters up to 325 liters. Bowl Choppers are typically manufactured in Europe of heavy duty stainless steel and can remain in use for well over 30 years. We have reconditioned virtually all makes and models of bowl choppers produced worldwide. Several of the most common brands of bowl choppers that we buy and sell include Seydelmann, Kramer-Grebe, Alpina, Nowicki, Talsa and Fatosa.


Grinders & Mixer Grinders

What separates one company from another – service, knowledge and experience. When it comes to reconditioned Grinders & Mixer Grinders, we lead the pack with quality reconditioned Grinding equipment. We take pride and put in the pain stacking work to recondition your Grinder to the manufacturer’s original tolerance and specifications. There aren’t any short cuts or here, we use original OEM replacement parts. The M&M Equipment Corp. engineering team regularly rebuilds Weiler, Hollymatic, Hobart, Seydelmann, Ultrasource and Biro equipment.


Food Formers and Pattymachines

Commercial Formers or “Pattymachines” is another very popular category of equipment at M&M Equipment Corp. We have advised hundreds of companies on the various manufacturers and models used in food forming. A variety of shapes such as Round, Oval, Square, and Nuggets can be formed on most machines. Paper Feed, Patty Scoring, Perforator and Forming Tooling are just a few of the components we can assist with. Some of the most popular manufacturing brands that M&M Equipment Corp. offers reconditioned Formax, Nutec, Hollymatic and Bridge Formers.


Cart Lifts, Conveyors & Vat Dumpers

OK – We get it. You have to move product from point A to B. This is the essential equipment for product material handling, creating efficiency,  reducing labor costs and reduce potential injuries. M&M Equipment Corp. offers a variety of New & Reconditioned Floor Mount or Portable Cart Lifts, Dump Buggies (400 & 600 Lbs. capacity), Incline & horizontal Screw and Belt Conveyors. Whether your needs are stationary or portable, we can provide material handling equipment for your needs. Some of the most popular manufacturing brands that M&M Equipment Corp. offers includes is Bridge, E-Quip, MTC, A-One, FPEC, Kamflex and more.