Bettcher Optimax BB-1 Batter/Breader


Lot#: 3452

Manufacturer: Bettcher

Model: Optimax BB-1

Condition: New


Food items are conveyed and submerged in a liquid, or batter of most any viscosity, then dropped onto a breading conveyor that evenly coats the product. Breading conveyor sifts and returns breading automatically, Usable belt width is 6” (15,3 cm), Batter belt operates at 18 ft/min; Breader belt operates at 30 ft/min, Batter capacity is 6 qts max., Breading section holds 8 to 12 lbs depending on breading density. Covers, batter and breading conveyors are easily removed for cleaning/maintenance without the need for tools. Conveyor assemblies and removable covers are submergible and may be cleaned in a power sink or sprayed down. Counter space: 17” x 23” Height: 24 1/2” Depth: 23”, Width 16 7/8”, 115V/1PH/60HZ.


Weight: 150lbs

Dimensions: 36" x 16" x 24