How to Keep Your Commercial Meat Slicer Clean and Functional

How to Keep Your Commercial Meat Slicer Clean and Functional

The average American eats between three to four ounces of meat per day. For people in the business of providing consumers with the meat they crave, having the right equipment is a must. Whether you own a local deli or a commercial meat processing business, having a functional meat slicer is important. These slicers are designed to be both easy to use and consistent, which is why they are so popular.

Once you have found and purchased a commercial meat slicer, you will have to work on keeping it in good working order. The best way to accomplish this goal is by cleaning and maintaining your meat slicer. The following are some tips on how to properly clean a commercial meat slicer.

Keeping Yourself Safe During This Cleaning Process

Most newcomers to the world of meat processing fail to realize just how dangerous a meat slicer can be when used or cleaned improperly. Before you begin the cleaning process, you need to follow certain safety guidelines to avoid getting hurt. One of the first things you should do is to invest in a pair of cut-resistant gloves. With these gloves on, you can keep your hands damage-free.

Making sure the machine in question is unplugged and locked out is also important. Attempting to clean one of these machines when they are still plugged in can result in serious injuries taking place. Once you have taken these precautions, you can begin the meat slicer cleaning process.

Don’t Miss Vital Parts of the Meat Slicer During the Cleaning Process

Simply wiping down the outside of your meat slicer will not remove harmful bacteria and food particles. Before you start cleaning, you need to block out enough time to do it properly. Wiping down the outside of the meat slicer is just the first step in this process. Once you finish wiping down the outside, you need to disassemble the slicer and wash each component.

Usually, a small brush and some soap and water is all you need to get your meat slicer spotless. Looking at the owner’s manual that came with your commercial meat slicer will help you figure out how to take it apart and clean it thoroughly.

Creating a Cleaning Schedule

Some business owners think that cleaning a meat slicer is something they can do sporadically. In reality, you will need to create a cleaning schedule to ensure this work is done on a regular basis. Most experts recommend that you clean a meat slicer thoroughly after four hours of use. Abiding by this policy will help you keep your meat slicer both clean and functional. If you are not comfortable doing this work on your own, hiring professionals to handle it is a wise option.

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