Buying Refurbished vs As-is Equipment

Buying Equipment

For those looking to save some money when purchasing food processing and packaging equipment, buying used equipment can be an appealing choice. However, because the term “used” covers everything from machines that were bought and never actually used to machines that are non-functional and can only be used for parts, it’s crucial that the buyer is careful when ascertaining the condition of the equipment they are considering for purchase.


One popular term you might see in a listing is a piece of equipment being sold “As- Is”. This term doesn’t tell you a whole lot: the machine can be junk, or it can be clean and in good working order. The most important thing to know about “As-Is” is that the seller offers no warranty, and all responsibility falls on the buyer. At M&M Equipment Corp., when we list a piece of equipment “as is,” we provide an evaluation as to the condition they can expect from that particular piece of equipment.

As for Refurbished, that means that the machine has been evaluated by our technicians and all worn parts are replaced such as bearings, seals, drive belts, electronics including motors and controls. Cosmetics are a very important area making sure all welds are sanitary and cleaned, motors and gearboxes are painted, quality casters installed and more.


If you’re trying to hit the sweet spot between getting a good price on a used piece of machinery and getting something that is actually in good working condition, the Refurbished path is a good way to go. After all, it may be used but it’s new to you.

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