What’s Behind Food Production and Processing Equipment Choices

What’s Behind Food Production and Processing Equipment Choices

At M&M Equipment, we help food service and food processing companies to keep their business models running smoothly with the equipment and gear they need, as well as providing ongoing support and advice on how to set up operations.

In other words, we’re not simply an equipment vendor – we’re also a trusted partner for our customers who are trying to plan out their operations over the coming months and years. We take pride in being an active partner with these clients to help them to compete in a fast-paced and demanding business world.

High-Quality Food Processing and Production Equipment

Companies that want to succeed in food manufacturing and food handling need very specific kinds of equipment that are made to stand up to some unique challenges.

Here’s just one example: like anyone who has spent significant time working in a food production environment, our technicians know firsthand that texture and viscosity can be critical elements of an industrial planning strategy. The production of foods containing corn syrup or honey or other sweeteners will often require specific types of hoppers, conveyors, shakers, grinders and other equipment that is can handle the granular consistency of materials without becoming jammed up or experiencing excessive buildup. Other types of production will equipment that “counts” or measures well, or equipment that will consistently portion out product according to the operator’s needs.

Then there’s the world of meat production in which having the right grinders, tenderizers, meat forming machines, slicers and other equipment is key.

Buyers are typically looking for the best equipment with the best guarantees of long-term performance and warranty information, but beyond that, thery’e looking for a broader strategy of outfitting their operations correctly for optimal performance and long-term success.

Equipment Consulting

That’s why at M&M Equipment, we encourage customers to talk to us on an ongoing basis, not just when it’s time to purchase additional equipment.

We help assess the client’s operations and provide strategic consulting on not just what to buy, but how to lay it out and how to work with a given architecture to meet production goals. Those goals may include yield, or success with some of the issues mentioned above.

Our dedicated and attentive staff provides our clients with resources that help them to handle the life cycle of their equipment and get the most out of their investment in production assets.

We do this from an informed perspective – our experience helps us to understand the need for proper industrial layout and calibration and setup. That’s all part of what we talk to customers about on a regular basis, to make sure that they get their money’s worth out of the systems they’ve bought every day.