Seafood Processing Machinery

For nearly 30 years M&M Equipment Corp. has been serving the seafood industry. Our team has an extensive background in establishing food processing efficiencies with regard to obtaining the right equipment for the needs of various clients. Within the seafood industries, we often specialize in the following types of equipment:


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Vacuum Packaging Machinery

The M&M Equipment Corp. engineering team regularly rebuilds used vacuum packaging machines. We have seen nearly every make and model of Rollstock, Vacuum Chamber and Modified Atmosphere Packaging machines. Many seafood processors rely on M&M Equipment Corp. to help with the packaging needs. Several of the most common brands of vacuum packaging machines that we buy, sell and rebuild include companies such as Xtravac, Cryovac, Multivac, M-Tek and Ultrasource machines.


Band Saws

Band saws are one of the most popular categories of equipment at M&M Equipment Corporation. We have advised hundreds of companies on purchasing the right band saws for their food processing needs. Some of the most popular manufacturing brands that M&M Equipment works with include Biro, AEW and Hobart band saws. Band saws can be specifically helpful in seafood processing to easily portion your products.