Bakery Equipment

For nearly 30 years M&M Equipment Corporation has been serving the baking industry. Our team has an extensive background in establishing food processing efficiencies with regard to obtaining the right equipment for the needs of various clients in the baking industry. We often specialize in the following types of equipment:


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Vacuum Stuffer (Dough Distributors)

Over the last decade, we have seen a rise in the number of companies in the baking industry that are using Vacuum Stuffers as a way to deposit dough into baking pans. This is just one of the ways that we have seen our vacuum stuffers utilized as commercial baking equipment. Vacuum stuffer machines are one of the most popular categories of machines at M&M Equipment Corporation. We have advised hundreds of companies on purchasing the right vacuum stuffers for their bakery processing needs. Some of the most popular manufacturing brands that M&M Equipment works with include Reiser Vemag machines, Handtmann vacuum stuffers, and Frey vacuum stuffers. In some cases, you might see vacuum stuffers labeled as piston stuffers or dough distributors.


Commercial Mixers

The M&M Equipment engineering team regularly rebuilds and remanufactures commercial mixing machines for companies looking to expand bakery products such as cookies, cakes, bagels, and bread. We have seen nearly every make and model of industrial mixers which are often used for mixing the dough at large capacities. Many industrial bakery operations rely on M&M Equipment to help increase product yield by upgrading to higher capacity commercial mixers. Some of the most common brands of mixer machines that we sell include companies such as Hobart.


Commercial Ovens

Another popular category in the baking industry for M&M Equipment is our commercial ovens. Many of the ovens in our inventory are designed for high capacity baking at industrial bakery operations. At M&M Equipment, we work with some of the most reliable manufacturers of industrial ovens for commercial bakeries such as stork thermal ovens.