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Surplus Equipment Liquidation Sale

Beyond Organic Foods, a Missouri based Ham, Bacon & Sausage Company has retained our services to sell their surplus equipment. Contact our sales team for additional information. Link to sale site

Repack RE20/4 Rollstock Machine

Item #5001 Repack RE20/4 Rollstock Machine

Description: Repack Rollstock Machine, 460mm web width, 240mm Index, 120mm draw, code dater, gas flush, Busch RA 250 180CFM Vacuum pump, two sets of tooling for 6 up Chubs and sausage, stainless steel construction, Omron touch screen, 230V/3PH/60HZ, 12Kw, 55 Amps, requires 40gal/hr water, 35 cfm @100PSI air.

Rex Vacuum Stuffer

Item #4953 Rex Vacuum Stuffer

Description: Rex Vacuum Stuffer, stainless steel construction, digital control panel, 200# capacity split hopper, vein style meat pump, with Twist linker and casing holder, 220V3PH/60HZ.

Seydelmann K 326 Cyclone Ultra D Cutter

Item #4965 Seydelmann K 326 Cyclone Ultra D Cutter

Description: Seydelmann 326 L high efficiency bowl Cutter, all  stainless steel construction, Micro 13 digital control panel, multi speed knife function, automatic shut down, built in loader Cart loader, Right hand unloader, Cyclone Ultra D meets dairy industry specifications, 460V/3PH/60HZ. Bought new in 2010.

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We are always looking for surplus equipment and accessories that companies like yours may have for sale. We can purchase, inventory and manage the sale of your surplus machinery. M & M Equipment Corp. offers solutions best for you and your business, allowing you to recoup space and money.  Email us your idle equipment list.

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