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VC-999 RS520 Rollstock

Item #4826 VC-999 RS520 Rollstock

Description: VC999 Rollstock Vacuum Packaging Machine, 520 mm web width, 250mm advance, includes photo eye registration, scrap removal canister, code dater and inserts, 220V/3PH/60HZ, 65 Amps.

Multivac R126 Rollstock Machine

Item #4834 Multivac R126 Rollstock Machine

Description: Like new Multivac Rollstock, 420mm web width, 280mm advance, 11-1/8" X 16-3/16" main die box, Busch RA0 160 vacuum pump, Trim canister, Domino A 400 inkjet printer, full wash down, stainless steel constuction, OD: 13'  long x 5'5" wide x 7' tall, 220V/3PH/60HZ.

Multivac R140 Rollstock Machine

Item #4869 Multivac R140 Rollstock Machine

Description: Multivac Rollstock,  rebuilt in 2013, stainless steel construction, 420mm web width, 300mm advance, 2 up insert for 11.3" X 7.38" packages, Busch RA0 100 vacuum pump, Trim canister, Photo registration, Code dater, full wash down, 220V/3PH/60HZ.

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We specializes in selling Reconditioned and New Food Processing Equipment.

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We are always looking for surplus equipment and accessories that companies like yours may have for sale. We can purchase, inventory and manage the sale of your surplus machinery. M & M Equipment Corp. offers solutions best for you and your business, allowing you to recoup space and money.  Email us your idle equipment list.

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