FL Tecnics FL 26 MC STU1 HFFS Bagging System

FL Tecnics FL 26 MC STU1 HFFS Bagging System

FL Tecnics FL 26 MC STU1 HFFS Bagging System. Simplex intermittent motion form, fill and sealing machine for stand-up pouches, with walking beam technology for pouch transport. Minimum Bag Dimensions: 100mm x 100mm Maximum Bag Dimensions: 260mm x 300mm – Compact support frame made in stainless steel 304 – Height-adjustable machine legs – Transparent polycarbonate covers for all operation systems. – Product contact parts made in stainless steel AISI-316L – Two-key machine adjustment – Film unwinder system mounted on a compact steel plate (painted in RAL 9007 steel color) Pouch forming area – Motorized bottom sealing group mounted on independent folding jaw for easier leaning – Motorized vertical sealing bar station, adjustable at the touch screen – Includes temperature robe at the sealing bar – Automatic change over system to adjust pouch size at the touch panel – Filling top sealing system with walking beam. 480V/3PH/60HZ. 25 AMPS. Requires 7 bar air pressure.

Inclusions Base Machine – Rockwell PLC & touch screen – Central lubrication system – single point lubrication and distribution to all lubrication points – Stroke on demand system – ensures no empty pouches are made with a missed scale cycle Unwinder Area – Automatic film alignment moves film left or right to ensure top of package is aligned properly – Automatic film splicing system included on the unwind with reel elevator – Simplex zipper module – Automatic splicing zipper system – Synchronization with inkjet printer – Code Tec printer (CT-1JET PRE-PRI +ADV) Accessories Area -Photocell – No pouch / no fill/reject system – Tear notch Filling Section – Synchronization with multi-head weigher – Expanding tunnel – Intermediate funnel – Blocked funnel detector – Funnel vibration system – Bottom pouch vibration system – Partial gas system + amplifier – Synchronization with desiccant inserter Exit Station – Simplex exit ramp.


Model: FL 26 MC STU1
Item# 9276
Manufacturer: FL Tecnics

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