Heat & Control/ABJ Equipment Batter-Bread-Fry Line

Heat & Control/ABJ Equipment Batter-Bread-Fry Line

Heat & Control/ABJ Equipment Batter-Bread-Fry Line. Complete 36″ wide Batter-Bread-Fry Line. Includes Heat & Control, Mdl. MM-12-36 Fryer, natural gas-fired, 36″ wide conveyor belt with top Submerge belt. Two each: ABJ Equipment, Mdl. Applicator 36 Batter applicators and ABJ, Mdl. Fusion 36 Breaders with (1) ABJ Mdl. Shaker 36 Conveyor, ABJ style jacketed Batter Mixer, and Hydraulic pump, 210-gallon reservoir, dual fan cooled, 40 hp Baldor motor.


Model: MM-12-36
Item# 9314
Manufacturer: Heat and Control
Related Industries: Beef and Pork Poultry Seafood
Equipment Categories: Fryers

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