Band sealer is a vertical rotary band sealer that performs band sealing operations. Band sealer is efficient commercial equipment that caters to large band sealing in a cost effective way. ABM Vertical rotary band sealer is USDA approved vertical sealing system with bag top trimmer and fully adjustable with stainless steel guide rails. It has the capacity to seal a large number of product packaging with complete smokeless and odorless sealing and trimming. 

M&M Corps stored Vertical conveyorized band sealing system that works on dual motor drive and is fast paced commercial equipment. It is easy to use and is perfect for sealing thermoplastic bags and pouches in one operation. The major contribution of M&M APM Vertical band sealer is to reduce the labor cost and offer attractive sealing appeal. This feature makes M&M Vertical Rotary Band sealer a convenient choice for commercial kitchens. The high-speed continuous model of this band sealing is ideal for maintaining high speed operations in food processing plants and quality choice for packaging in a short amount of time.  

With extensive and continuous operative function, the M&M APM band sealing sustain the embossing for product marking and are compatible as an efficient solution for many food manufacturers. Its utilization is currently observed in bakery, meat production, cheese and dairy processing and cannabis sealing food plants.