A cartoner is the packaging machine, used to form, load and close cartons or boxes on a massive scale. Cartoners can handle a variety of products in different industries and manufacturing plants. The functional features of cartoners consist of several components for loading carton blanks, forming sections and closing sections. The automatic machine forms, loads and seals the cartons in mass production. 

In a food manufacturing plant, cartoners can be divided into different types based on specific functions. The most common automatic cartoners machines are horizontal cartoners, vertical cartoners and end-load cartoners. These automatic cartons are ideal for packing products at high speed and in a variety of sizes. Many production houses look for the product requirements and then sort out the most suitable cartoners for their operations. 

The packaging machines such as cartons are very helpful in increasing the efficiency of the operations and allow manufacturers to meet high demands in a short amount of time. The cartoners precision and consistency in packing reduces the likelihood of errors and makes the task done with consistent precision. Some of the heavy duty cartoners are designed to minimize the manual work and load of the operations. Packing and sealing the product carefully and up to the standardized procedures in the food manufacturing plant is crucial, hence the cartoners are used in such procedures. Through optimizing the packaging materials to improve the sustainability and fulfilling the standardized safety guidelines, cartoners guard the manufacturers in the end product process. 

There are many leading manufacturers of cartoners in the market. They are producing heavy duty automated cartons for different manufacturing industries. Some of the most recognized manufacturers are IMA Group, Bosch Packaging Technology, Econocorp, CAM Packaging solutions. These are a few examples of cartoners manufacturers, but many others also reside across the world. The most demanded machines are found in the many categories at M&M Equipment Corp.