One of the most useful kitchen equipment in the fast-food chain is cutlet formers. Cutlet formers are essential equipment that are design to shape and form uniform cutlets primarily made of meat and other proteins. Cutlet formers are mostly used in the fast-food restaurants or food establishments to prepare dishes like bread cutlets, chicken nuggets or very similar patty meats. 

One of the major necessity of cutlets formers in fast food chain to have consistent and uniform shape and size cutlets. All the cutlets need to be uniform and appealing in nature. Hand-shaped cutlets take times and is labour intensive practice. The operation of fast food runs on runtime and quick, thus managing the cutlets via standard portion is important and essential. 

Cutlet formers comes in many forms depending on the nature of business and food chain. The major manufacturers of the cutlets formers are available on M&M store, but for perfect installation and business fit equipment, contact our professionals with your query.