Dixie is a well-known brand that provides a wide variety of disposable food-service goods and solutions. Dixie, with a significant presence in the food-service market, offers high-quality, convenient, and dependable goods that fulfill the demands of both companies and customers.Disposable paper and plastic dinnerware is one of Dixie’s core product categories. Paper plates, bowls, cups, and silverware, as well as plastic cups and lids, are all acceptable. Dixie’s dinnerware is made to be both robust and useful, able to resist a wide range of food and beverage kinds while also providing a handy option for rapid cleanup and sanitation.


Dixie also provides a variety of disposable food packaging options. This contains food containers, platters, and wraps for a variety of foods, including hot and cold stuff. These packaging items are popular alternatives for restaurants, cafés, catering services, and other foodservice operations since they are designed to keep food fresh, secure, and hygienic.