Variovac (Variovac Deutschland GmbH) is a German company that designs, manufactures, and sells packaging equipment and solutions of the highest quality and is distributed in the United States through Reiser. Their primary concentration is on vacuum packaging systems utilized in a variety of industries, including the food processing, pharmaceutical, and medical device sectors.

Their product line includes a variety of packaging machines, such as:

Tray sealers are machines that are designed to seal food products in containers with films or lids.

Vacuum chamber machines: These machines are utilized to create vacuum-sealed packaging for a variety of products, thereby extending their shelf life and enhancing their preservation.

Thermoformers are automated machines that construct custom-shaped packaging from plastic films, commonly used for food packaging, medical device packaging, and pharmaceutical packaging.

Variovac DE also provides packaging materials and consumables, including vacuum bags, films and containers.

Variovac DE’s clientele consists of small businesses as well as large manufacturing facilities, as these packaging solutions are extensively used in a variety of industries.