Viking Masek is a global packaging machine manufacturer specializing in the design, production, and distribution of innovative and efficient packaging equipment for various industries, including the food, pharmaceutical, and consumer products sectors. Quality, dependability, and customization are emphasized in their flexible packaging solutions.

 Their product lineup comprises:

Vertical Form Fill secure (VFFS) Machines: These machines create bags from a roll of film, fill them with the product, and secure them, making them suitable for packaging a variety of items, including snacks, powders, and liquids.

Stick Pack Machines: Designed to create slender, tube-shaped packaging, stick pack machines are typically used for single-serving products such as sugar, coffee, and condiments.

These devices produce small, sealed pouches for packaging a variety of products, including powders, liquids, and granules.

Filling Machines for prefabricated Pouches: Designed to fill and seal prefabricated pouches, these machines are adaptable and suitable for a variety of products.

Cartoning Machines: These machines package products in cartons or crates, adding an extra layer of protection and making transportation and storage easier.