Covid-19 Meat Supply Constraints: What Processors Need To Be Ready


With a number of large meat processing facilities experience closures due to Covid-19 outbreaks, there are a few ways in with your small to mid sized meat operation might need to make some changes regarding equipment. During uncertain times in our industry, there is some notion that it would make more sense to purchase frozen product instead of the usual fresh meat products. For some, this has already led toward a shit in the way that your equipment will need to handle this sudden change. Below are a few machines to consider that will help your operation adapt to the changes:


GenMac Frozen Meat Flaker

The General Machinery Corporation 3100 frozen meat flaker is the perfect machine if you need to begin working with frozen meat instead of fresh. This machine reduces frozen blocks of meat and poultry with an ideal cutting temperature at 15 to 25 degrees F. This equipment has a gravity feed system where frozen product is placed into a floating hopper that is inserted into a flaking chamber. This machine takes up approximately 4’ x 4’ of floor space, the block capacity of up to 9” Thick x 20” Wide x 24” Long, and it manages up to 1-1/2 blocks per minute. See more frozen meat flakers




GenMac Frozen Food Flaker


General machinery corporation frozen meat flaker 2501

This is a larger scale hydruaflaking machine which might be a step up from the 3100 model. A meat flaker is the more ideal way to reduce frozen or hard blocks of meat, poultry, fish & cheese while keeping your profits in tact. The machine has cycle slicer blades to reduce shredding or clawing which helps add greater support to the product’s color, texture, and temperature. This machine will help as you make shifts in your processing facilities to produce a greater yield with block capacity up to 10″ X 24″ X 24″ while feeding the frozen blocks automatically. It also has a stainless steel frame and enclosed cutting drum for added safety as well as a 10 HP motor, 12.5″ Drum and 8″ slice blades.




frozen meat flaker 2501