As a reliable and powerful tool to cut the meat and poultry, band saws are designed for precise cutting of meat with high capacity. The high-grade stainless-steel design of these innovative tools cuts the poultry and meat within a fraction of time and increases the processing operation with unique engineering. These band saws are not only designed to cut the lean meat, but are ideal for decomposing bond, frozen meat, fish, poultry widely utilized in food processing plants, slaughterhouses and even hotels too. 

The new and old band saws at M&M corps are found in customized sized and optional ergonomic stands. One of the major features of these band saws is the safety and durability that meets the demanding food processing environment with quality safety features. The proficiency of these band saws is reflected on the safety guard locks and control panels. 

M&M Corps equip new and old band saws to increase the performance of food processing plants and reduce the employee labor through cutting operational tasks. The designs and manufacturers’ band saws meet the demand of the industry and specific application for any food processing plants. The available inventory on band saws at M&M Corps ensure affordable and eco-friendly commercial equipment that meets the food regulation standards.