Case erectors and Box tapers are used in the packaging operations for automating the process of erecting and sealing rigid boxes. These machines are widely used in the food manufacturing plants for smooth processes and reducing labor hardship. 

Case erectors allow the manufacturing plant to erect and form corrugated boxes. They work by feeding flat boxes into the machine and then folding and assembling them into desired box shapes. Case erectors can handle a variety of box sizes and styles through integrating the different sizes and styles into existing production lines. This leads to improved efficiency.  

Box tapers are widely known as case sealers and they typically work to tap the top and bottom of the boxes as it moves through the machine. Box tapers handle a variety of box sizes and styles through customization and specific packing requirements in the manufacturing plant. 

For the smooth operations and increased productivity, case erectors and box tapers form a complete packaging solution. Through automating the process and utilizing the full potential of case erectors and box tapers, manufacturers reduce labor costs and reflect on high quality packaging. Currently Little David and Lantech case erectors and box tapers are leading the packaging industry and both of these manufacturers are found on M&M Equip Corp in fully functional and operative mode.