Lance Tumbler Spare Parts


Model: LT15/LT30/LT60
Item# 11019
Manufacturer: Lance


Door Gasket GALT 153060 $225.00

Digital Timer TMCONVLT15/30/60 $389.00

Cover Knobs PK2840 $9.09

Drain Cap PCN-800 $29.65

12 Amp fuses FU6F019 $6.66

Vacuum Jar VTAE274 $16.10

Reflectors 00001815300 $34.52

Air Valve Plug 0002-49 $18.58

Rigid Casters CS4W890 $39.00 ea.

Swivel Caster w/ Brake CS4W887 $118.95 ea.


Replacement Parts

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We were very impressed with the quality of the skinner, as well as the quality and quantity of work that M&M Equipment put into the machine to get it ready for us.

Curt Backeberg

Maintenance Manager | Northwood Foods

I have bought and sold numerous pieces of equipment of the years from M&M and have found Marty and Marc to be a great source of information to lead me in the right direction for selling or purchasing equipment.

Jeffrey Saval

President | Deli Brands of America

I have been using M&M equipment through different employers for the last 20 years. They are always my first call when looking to buy or sell equipment. Their knowledge of the industry and customer service is second to none.

Ted Fisher

Maintenance Director | Frontiere Natural Meats