POLIN Classic ProBAKE Bakery Equipment

POLIN Classic ProBAKE Bakery Equipment

POLIN Classic ProBAKE Bakery Equipment. All stainless steel construction, tray Size 660mm wide x 800mm long, 50-liter hopper capacity, 7″ color touch display, up to 100 programs, capabilities of fixed dies, twisting die and wire cut die setups, throughput of (stroke per minute) depositing 26 ppm, wire-cut 35 ppm, continuous 45 ppm, 230V/3PH/60HZ.

The Polin Multidrop depositor is the ideal addition to your production line. For decades, the Multidrop line has been the premier machine in its segment in terms of performance, flexibility, and reliability. As one of the very first machines of its kind, we have dedicated years to the evolution of the Multidrop line, and the result is the most advanced line of depositors and wire-cut machines currently on the market.

These fully automatic, all stainless steel machines are the perfect depositors for a wide variety of soft and hard doughs. Together, with the ability to interchange a variety of depositing heads, dyes and nozzles, the Multidrop line is truly a one-size-fits-all depositor and wire-cut machine. This cookie machine opens up possibilities to efficiently produce a wide range of butter cookies, sugar cookies, hard biscuits, eclairs, cream puffs, cupcakes, muffins, sponge cake and much more.

The entry-level Multidrop Compact is designed with retail clients in mind and offers all of the production capabilities as the Classic, except in a smaller package at a lower price point. Even though this machine is considered the entry-level Multidrop, it still offers the largest motors and gearboxes in its class for unmatched reliability and service life. The Multidrop Classic is a slightly larger and faster machine that is recommended for retail and commercial clients with higher production needs or multi-shift production. The added cost for the Classic provides a faster ROI for clients with longer production runs. All machines are easily disassembled for cleaning and feature dishwasher-safe food contact parts.

The Mutidrop Twiny is in a league of its own as far as production possibilities are concerned. The Twiny expands upon all capabilities of the Multidrop Classic and Compact lines by adding the ability to deposit or fill two types of doughs or fillings. Depending on the types of products and doughs to be processed, we have a variety of interchangeable heads, dyes, and nozzles available as well.


Model: Classic ProBAKE
Item# 9220
Manufacturer: Polin
Related Industries: Bakery
Equipment Categories: Bakery Equipment

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